Canoeing, Hiking, Adventure! Upper Reach, Roanoke River Basin Association

Who we are...

Upper Reach is an adventure education program within the Roanoke River Basin Association a 501(c)(3). We are a family of citizen volunteers from nearby neighborhoods, schools and towns who enjoy getting outdoors and helping to better our community and its citizens through environmental education. Our team of experts and enthusiasts includes people of many backgrounds including wildlife biologists, foresters, landscape architects, educators, and others.

What we do....

We participate in developing paddle and hiking trails, outdoor excursions, geo-caching, wildlife enhancements and photography, environmental stewardship and educational programs.


Our Mission is to promote access to important habitat areas along the Roanoke River, its tributaries and neighboring region, in a way that inspires people to become more active and engaged in their outdoor environment.


We believe that by helping people to actively engage in their natural environment through our outdoor experiential programs, we will foster a lasting sense of sustainability and stewardship for our world.